• Kitchen Owner Australia

    Kitchen Owner Australia

    We developed a mobile app for iOS and Android to facilitate a marketplace where commercial kitchens can 'sell' (offer space…

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  • Cargo Systems

    Cargo Systems

    ARETECH engaged in the field of consulting and web based application development, providing solutions to PT Pelni in providing system…

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  • Point of Sale

    Point of Sale

    Aretech Cloud based Point of Sale solution tailored for Retail Businesses  it was not only designed to grow your retail business but…

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  • Smart Hospital Systems

    Smart Hospital Systems

    Aretech assist in the administrative management of a company or institution to be more accurate, convenient and time saving. Aretech…

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  • Kuliner Australia

    Kuliner Australia

    Kuliner provides opportunities for home based cook to introduce their meal to the world. We provide solution by creating a…

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  • Intelligent Prison Management System

    Intelligent Prison Management System

    Intelligent Prison Management System (IPMS) “Tracking Inmates and Locating Staff with Active Radio-Frequency Identification (RFID)”. Aretech's IPMS are advanced application…

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  • K-Delivery Australia

    K-Delivery Australia

    Lets Deliver Less Hassle. Integrated with Kuliner app, K-Delivery will help you to take orders everyday. Pick the orders, deliver…

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  • The Voice Family Karaoke

    The Voice Family Karaoke

    We are pleased to assist TheVoice Family Karaoke end-to-end services by creating the company profile website, website sub-company profile, Ads…

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